European Biofuel Portal

European Biofuel Portal promotes sustainability in Europe, transparent biofuels market. This is a biofuels platform to give a clear view on Biomass supply and demand. European Biofuel Portal is a resource on biofuels and includes a wide range of market data related to research and dissemination of Advanced Biofuels in Europe.

Biofuels in Europe

The consumption of biofuel in Europe has experienced a dramatic growth for the last years increasing by 57% in 2012. There are app. 200 biofuel plants operating in Europe today, with a production capacity of over 8,5 MT. European Biofuel Portal is the right place to post your biofuel offer to find a relevant feedback and sale opportunities.

Interested in a long-term supply of wood pellets, Netherlands Europe

Interested in a long-term supply of wood pellets, Netherlands

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Wood Pellets, ash 0,4 Europe

Wood Pellets, ash 0,4

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Look For Pellets To Buy Europe

Look For Pellets To Buy

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Biofuel consumption in Europe

Biofuels are liquid or gaseous fuels such as biodiesel and bioethanol produced from biomass. The mentioned biofuel types are considered as an alternative to fossil fuels in transportation, contributing to reduce carbon dioxide intensity and diversify EU biofuel supply. European countries plan to have ten percent of transport biofuel by 2020. Fuel producers are also required to cut down the greenhouse gas of the emissions EU fuel blend by 6% by 2020.

The European Commission is planning the share of biofuels to be about 12 % of the renewable energy consumption in 2020. Heat and power utilization from solid biomass is defined to account for app. 45 %. Wood pellets and biogas are considered the two wide spread biomass energy sources, the latter produced from different feedstock. EU is the world’s biggest wood pellet market with a consumption of about 20.5 MMT of pellets in 2015. The demand is expected to grow further to app. 22.5 MMT in 2017.