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Charcoal price

Charcoal is the lightweight black carbon and ash residue produced by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances.

Olive and Almond wood lump charcoals

Olive & almond Wood Lump Charcoal We source all of our raw materials at the end of the growing season. After all olives and almond..

High quality hard wood charcoals from Bulgaria, Cyprus

We produce now in Bulgaria, Cyprus a high quality hard wood charcoals, restaurant hard wood charcoals, and soon olive charcoals briquettes.and olive l..

High Quality Hardwood Charcoal Europe
Price: 350.00 EUR
28.11.2015, 11:11

High Quality Hardwood Charcoal

Feature: 1. Strong Density, Metal Luster. There is the metal sound when you knock them on each other. 2. Endurable Combustibility 3. High Engergy 4. ..

Company from Netherlands is interested in charcoal of hardwood

We would like to have the prices of your coal for one container (40 FT) including shipping costs to​ Mersin, Turkey The company would like to h..

A company from Netherlands is interested in buying charcoal on the base of long-term cooperation

Our company is interested in purchasing charcoal. We would like to have the prices of coal for one container (40 FT container) including shipping cost..

Manufactuer of  charcoal Europe

Manufactuer of charcoal

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Charcoal in EU