Mission Statement of European Biofuel Portal

These days, the technology companies are striving to deploy biofuel products under defense research programs supported by international state aid rules.

About European Biofuel Portal

European Biofuel Portal is the Internet resource delivering the latest and up-to-date information on biofuel products available on the market. At the same time, the portal contains the database of suppliers to provide its members with the most comfortable search tool required while looking for the potential partners. European Biofuel Portal was established as the public information source which includes a wide range of background information relating to research, and marketing deployment of various kinds of biofuels.

European Biofuel Portal expands the long-term, and consistent visions which contribute to the biofuel industries. Thus, a covering research and a coherent strategy are crucial to meet the increasing competition in the biofuel industry. The most pressing need is to demonstrate the whole range of available biofuel products, as well as biofuel suppliers at the relevant scale.

European Biofuel Portal presents a wide range of information including:

  • Reports and presentation
  • Events and Training sessions
  • Relevant database of European biofuel stakeholders
  • Links to European and international organizations dealing with biofuels
  • Biofuels legislation and policy operating on the territory of Europe

What European Biofuel Portal says to consumers and suppliers?

European Biofuel Portal is eligible for usage by professional suppliers, as well as specialized technology organizations operating within the biofuel industry. Let’s make it clear how both parties benefit from using this online resource.

European Biofuel Portal offers the future consumers:

  • support in selecting the most suitable biofuel type and the most preferable supplier;
  • contact information of potential suppliers of biofuel products;
  • latest information about development of biofuel technology and biofuel kinds.

European Biofuel Portal offers the future suppliers:

  • the opportunity to inform their potential customers about delivered services and policies;
  • the chance to indicate the market position of the particular biofuel organization;
  • the chance to find potential customers and approve themselves as a significant player on the biofuel market;
  • the advantage to get a feedback from their customers in order to determine specific areas for improvement;
  • the marketing and advertising concept of communication with potential customers;
  • placement of ads regarding biofuel and bioenergy products.

Major Initiatives Suggested in the Framework of European Biofuel Portal

European Biofuel Portal is one of the industrial initiatives implemented under the European Union directives. It aims to support demonstration of bioenergy value chains which are not yet commercially available and which could be deployed at a large scale. European Biofuel Portal monitors the latest technological advances for biofuel generation and determines the availability of sustainable feedstocks across all value chains.

The development of sustainable advanced biofuels is an essential part of European Biofuel Portal strategy aimed to shift the European economy towards more stable and reasonable utilization of renewable resources and processes.

The strategy itself is based on three major aspects:

  • acceptance and successful adoption of new technologies in the bioeconomy;
  • development of the markets and competitiveness in the bioeconomy sector;
  • cooperation with policymakers and stakeholders based on the framework stated in the mission statement of European Biofuel Portal.

Biofuel offers posted on the Portal deliver excellent alternatives for legal activity within the biofuel sector. The detailed description of each offer is a part of the whole concept applied by European Biofuel Portal. In addition, this makes it easier to select the desirable offers for the future consumers.

What are the objectives of European Biofuel Portal?

European Biofuel Portal aims to contribute to the development of cost-competitive, advanced biofuel technologies, to the development of the smart biofuel industry and to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels on the territory of Europe following the guidance and promotion of industrial elements. The major objective of European Biofuel Portal are to contribute to:

  • the development of cost-competitive high-quality biofuel chains;
  • the support of biofuel industry;
  • the sustainable deployment of biofuels in the EU.

In addition, we know how important it is to be assured of the legality and sustainability of biomass, so the Portal guidelines are placed within the legal frames. For that reason, European Biofuel Portal also delivers the services of a consulting, project management partner, as well as professional informational business-to-business and business-to-customer services in alternative energy supply.

How to become a member of European Biofuel Portal?

European Biofuel Portal can be used both for personal and corporate needs. Even though, the website is available for unregistered users, it’s highly recommended to fill out the quick registration form to have larger access. With the registration completed, you can post your biofuel offer online any time you need it. Another user interested in your offer is supposed to contact you directly.