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we are merketleader of dstributing pressed biomass in austria, thats why we are always interested in new contacts an offers for pellets and briqu..

Have interest an 1 truck wood pellet from pine wood

Have interest an 1 truck of wood pellet from pine wood, good quality. Please, make us an offer. Pament by deloading.

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Price: 80.00
2017-02-09 00:00:00

Din+ Wood Pellets For Sale

Specifications Application of wood pellets  1. Home heating stoves  2. Hot water boilers and the industrial boilers  3. Biomass power ..

Price: 150.00
2017-02-09 00:00:00

Selling wood pellets DIN-plus

Our company is selling wood pellets (according to EU normative, DIN-plus) in amount of 500 tons per month. We are looking for partner in order to esta..

A company from Austria buys light wood pellets DIN+

A company from Austria buys wood pellets in Ukraine.  We need up to 2000 tones per month on the delivery terms DDU, Graz.  Interested in light 6 mm ..