US energy market leader starts using RES

Using RES

In accordance with its responsibilities of public information, Exelon Corporation published a report on its activity describing a strive to provide comfortable, environmentally friendly and innovational products.

Exelon Corporation is one of the producers and distributors of energy in the USA and owns both a range of nuclear, coal, water power plants and solar, wind power plants. Besides that, the corporation sells electric power and energy services and works in the sphere of natural gas and oil production.

The main clients of the corporation are in North Illinois, South East Pennsylvania and central part of Maryland state. Upon that, sales department works both with private and commercial consumers. Company’s head quarters is in Chicago, Illinois, from the date of establishment on 1887.

Current market value of company’s shares ranges from 30.66 to 38.93 US dollars per a share. The amount of dividends paid to shares holders is 1.24 US dollars per a share with a 13.63 multiplier, which is lower than sector average.

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