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Certified pellets for sale

Certified pellets for sale. Up to 3000t/month

PRESTON Available for sale wood chips

Available for sale wood chips

We have available for sale wood chips in large quantity contact us on how to order asap.

Vienna Din+ Wood Pellets For Sale
Price: 80.00 EUR

Din+ Wood Pellets For Sale

Specifications Application of wood pellets  1. Home heating stoves  2. Hot water boilers and the industrial boilers  3. Biomass power ..

 Wood pellets for sale

Wood pellets for sale

We are an Austrian producer of wood pellets. Our production capacity is 40,000 tonnes/year.  BioPellets so valuable: Pure, compressed wood s..

Graz Wood pellets for sale
Price: 100.00 EUR

Wood pellets for sale

We sell wood pellets from producer. Price: USD 80/Metric Ton/Metric Tons Order Quantity: 3000 Pellets are of good quality Shipping Details: Shipp..

search: pressed biomass

we are merketleader of dstributing pressed biomass in austria, thats why we are always interested in new contacts an offers for pellets and briqu..

Wood pellets for industrial use purchase

Austrian company buys  wood pellets for industrial use. Specifications required:Diameter 6-8 mmMoisture <10%Ash <1%Soft, hard, or mixed woo..

Pellet 6mm.Company is looking for cooperation with pellet manufacturers

Our company is looking for long term cooperation and supplier of quality DIN + pellets 6 mm. The first order 1 truck / 26 t. The potential collabor..

Trading company interested in buying pellets

International Trading Company in the field BIOMASS products interested in buying pellets. Only long-term cooperation on contract basis.Information nee..

Company sells quality wood pellets, d=6 mm

Company sells quality wood pellets, d=6 mm, DIN+, softwood, 15kg bags with our privacy logo. Maximum price for best quality DDU Milano 160,00 EUR (abo..

We supply wood pellets to the Europen countries

We supply all fuel products in Europe countries. Mostly we work with wood pellets. And at this moment we have three types wood pellets in Ukraine and ..

Buyers of wood chips

We are looking for wood chips supply Sizes 5,6…31,5 mm, ø 50 mm² - Fines below 5.6mm, moisture 25% Qty: 120.000 tons p.a. long term co..

Wiener Neustadt Need Wood Pellet 6mm 10 000 Tonns in year spruce or pine

Need Wood Pellet 6mm 10 000 Tonns in year spruce or pine

My company is looking for wood pellet 6 mm of spruce or pine 10 000 tons in the yearAsh can be up to 1. 5% least calorific value 17500, Gigajoul humid..

Price: 150.00 EUR

Selling wood pellets DIN-plus

Our company is selling wood pellets (according to EU normative, DIN-plus) in amount of 500 tons per month. We are looking for partner in order to esta..

Trading company buying wood pellets

Trading company from Austria will buy wood pellets, 300.000 MT a year. Long-term cooperation. Contract at least 10 years. We want to try first a truck..

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