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Biofuels Consumption Transport France

Biofuel in France

The biomass potential, which can be mobilized for the production of heat, electricity, hydrogen and biofuel, is estimated at 30 million tons of oil equivalent.

Biomass in bioenergy

Biomass in Finland

The volume of wood consumption in the forestry industry of Finland swings between 50 and 70 million cubic meters. The woodworking industry of Finland mainly depends on exports.


Biomass in Sweden

Sweden imports more biomass, than exports. Bioenergy is integrated into wood management and developed woodworking.


Place and role of biofuel in world fuel and energy balance

Š•lectricity is the fastest growing form of world's final energy consumption; net electricity generation will increase by more than 70% to 36.5 billion kWh by 2040.

Biofuel policy

The Pan-European policy in the field of biofuel production

The EU Green Paper (2000) stressed the importance of biomass for ensuring the reliability of energy supply. The use of biomass reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 40-80% compared to fossil fuels.

Green economy

Green Economy

Renewable energy (RES) consumption will increase by about 130% in the period up to 2040

Biofuel in Denmark

Bioenergy consumption in Denmark reaches more than two thirds of the total renewable energy supplies. Many power plants are shifting from traditional fossil fuels to wood pellets, wood chips or straw.

Wood biomass

Processing of wood biomass

Wood biomass is accumulated as waste in wood processing plants. The technological process of pellet production requires a commensurate amount of energy for drying and granulation.

Biodiesel Production Cycle

European experts appeal for prohibition of the biodiesel use in cars and trucks in Europe

Production and use of biodiesel are not beneficial for both nature and man - claiming European experts.

Pelleting operating condition

Operating condition in pressing efficiency and woody pellets

The content of small particles must not exceed 10 up to 20 per cent, if not adding a binding agent when producing wood pellets.

Biofuel industry formation in EU

Biofuel production in Germany

Perspectives evaluation of biofuel production in Germany with application of mathematical modeling tools.

Biofuel industry

Biofuel industry in Europe: Key changes

Production and consumption volumes of liquid biofuels have reached their record levels over the last decade in Europe.

Using RES

US energy market leader starts using RES

US energy market leader starts using RES

RES European parliament

Discussions on RES are being continued in European parliament

Decrease of energy dependence by means of alternative energy development presupposes the decrease of hydrocarbons import.